"I used Debbie Parker's one-on-one 12 week coaching course and it was terrific! This program helps ensure you are successful and accountable in the long run. As a business owner, it comes in handy having someone who can help guide you through balancing business and personal challenges. Debbie helped me find and set better strategic goals for myself both personally and professionally. Additionally, Debbie was able to give me the perspective and tools I needed to make the tactical, day-to-day changes that would ensure I would meet my goals. Lastly, Debbie's attention to detail, thoroughness, charisma, and ability to pinpoint problems and solutions also makes her ideal for group coaching or even speaking at events! I would recommend Debbie to millennials looking for an approachable coach to help improve your side hustles, lifestyles, and other goals." Curtis C., Northern Virginia

"I worked with Debbie Parker for 9 weeks. We began by working on some growth issues related to my business, and Debbie was able to delve much deeper and reveal questions (and answers) that I had that I wasn't even aware of! We worked on business, personal and self growth issues and I came away feeling more focused and in control, with some new tools to help me figure out my next issues! Debbie has a way of using her vast experience in business, finance, law and business ownership, to really delve into the heart of the matter. I highly recommend Debbie for anyone looking for some straight answers to their life questions." Jill H., Washington DC

"I love that Debbie goes straight to the heart of the matter. I felt connected to Debbie right away, but more importantly as a coach, she helped me to connect with myself and what I want for my life. She helped me focus my strengths in a way that led to new directions. She's a great encourager and I left every interaction feeling empowered and with practical next steps to keep moving toward my goals." Julie H., Bethesda MD

"I've worked with coach Debbie Parker for several months now and have benefitted tremendously from the relationship. Debbie is a fantastic coach! She's easy to talk to, completely non-judgmental, and very supportive. She makes it clear in all of our interactions that she truly cares and wants more than anything for her clients to be successful and happy. Debbie is great at helping people to identify their strengths and make the most of them. She's full of wonderful, thoughtful ideas and has been able to motivate me to take action which is resulting in positive returns in my business as well as life in general. I believe that these qualities are essential to being a great coach. I'm a creative person in a creative business, so I can come up with all kinds of ideas, but need someone to help me figure out the exact steps I need to take to make all of these ideas turn into reality. I need help with follow-through, and Debbie does an amazing job of keeping me on track toward reaching the goals that matter most to me. Debbie does a great job of zeroing in on what motivates each individual. She encourages you to think on a BIG scale and really let yourself dream about how you would love your life to be, all the while keeping you laser-focused on what you need to be doing to get there. Debbie offers a refreshing perspective while encouraging her clients to not settle for anything less than amazing in their lives and businesses or professions. She's a fabulous coach who can jump-start you out of a rut or lull, and onto a path of success and satisfaction in all areas of your life. I can't recommend her enough." Holly O., Washington DC

"Debbie has a way about her that enables you to fully confront the things you might not have noticed on your own. She helps you see with clarity and gives you the strength to make changes, big or small. With her guidance, I have not only defined my goals but am finding myself taking steps to achieve them and enjoying the process. Debbie, thanks for all you have done for me, I truly feel reenergized about myself and my position with my employer, and I must credit you in helping me find my way." Beth B., Alexandria VA

"I turned to Debbie to help me focus on one aspect of my growing business. My main goal was to develop a solid business plan but I couldn't find the time or discipline to begin. Debbie provided me with support, focus, and the objectivity I needed to set priorities and make it happen! She helped me to move past my resistand and charge ahead with my plan in place. Working with Debbie was a great experience and I highly recommend her for both personal and business strategies and support." Mike K., Kensington MD

Debbie's nonjudgmental approach plus her practical array of problem-solving options has you feeling she's there to help you succeed. She's very gifted at helping people move forward, and I highly recommend working with her whatever your goals may be." Elizabeth H., Washington DC