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Hi and welcome!  I'm Debbie Parker, personal life coach and small business coach.

Become a "better me". How about a life tune-up? Support with a transition? Better life-balance and well-being? Alignment of your inner and outer self alignment? These are goals we can reach.

I also work with solo entrepreneurs and small business professionals. Multiple, overwhelming business demand? Life out of balance? Get focused with small wins for big goals. Best returns for your time and energy. Less Stress and More Success! 

I've authored two books to help you: "Live Networking Alive! - A Face-to-Face Networking Guide to Ignite Your Business Success" & "Live Hustle Alive! - A Step-by-Step Guide to Stand-Out Business Success Through Drive, Discipline, and Determination". High-payoff creative directions.

My clients have a real hunger for help (and sometimes a little "tough love").  Move past the small stuff. Concentrate on the big picture. Achieve a sense of balance and well-being. Get to where "life is good".

That's where I come in.
- Take a fresh look at your goals and turn ideas into action.

- Break big goals into small wins for step-by-step success.

- Get rid of the "should" syndrome (doing what we feel we're "supposed to do"). 

- Step back for big picture growth.

Once we get this sorted out, we structure a program that you're comfortable with to accomplish your goals. I'm your cheerleader and your accountability partner. Change your reality. Accomplish your goals - whether personal or business.

Then move on to the next exciting opportunity.

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