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About Me and How I Coach

I provide a warm nurturing environment coupled with a highly focused approach. My expertise, compassion, and objective ear help you to find your best self, to meet your best personal or business goals, and to experience the best of life.

My eclectic career path has put me in a unique position for my solutions-based coaching.  My past professional background includes my former financial advisory practice, my federal regulatory program leadership, and my retail entrepreneurial experience. 

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), I advised and coached my clients to define their financial and business goals and carry out the strategies that reflected their unique aspirations, values, and circumstances.  Prior to that, with my legal training (JD, Georgetown University), I managed policy and regulatory development for federal automotive safety programs.  I also ran a vintage antiques business for many years.  In all these fields, I mentored individuals in both their professional and personal lives, as well as connected with executives, managers, professionals, companies, teams, small groups, andpeople of all ages.

Compared to many coaches, I'm very actively involved in coaching sessions.  I incorporate empathetic listening and ask challenging questions to raise the awareness of those I'm working with. I go beyond just listening and reflecting.  I also mentor, offer advice, and propose ideas as we craft action plans and strategies.

My expertise, compassion, and objective ear are here to help you find your best self and the best of life. Let me help you make a positive change to lower stress as you define and meet your goals.  I help my clients find their natural internal drive and partner with them as we move toward success.  You can be assured I will give you my all!


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